Why You’ll Love A Gym in Dundrum

It takes a special person to really LOVE the gym. More than one person has said, “I just hate gyms… and that’s why I don’t exercise regularly.” People can be so full of excuses: it’s not clean. It’s too loud. People look at me funny. It’s overcrowded. It’s too hot. It smells. I didn’t have time today. But they are just that – excuses. Here’s why I love my gym in Dundrum … and why you could too!

My gym in Dundrum awakens my competitive spirit.

I’ll admit – I like to look at how fast other people are running on their treadmills, how steep their inclines are, and how much time they have on the clock. I also like to try to beat that. As annoying as that may sound, my competitive spirit pushes me further than anything else. I just couldn’t work out at home with the same ferocity as I do at my gym in Dundrum.


I like having a time and a place for everything.

My gym in Dundrum is a place I go for sanctuary. I know it sounds weird, but I like having another place to go scheduled into my routine. I’m no good at working out to a DVD at home – because, let’s face it: there is always something else I could be doing there. At the gym, you can only focus on the task at hand and get your work-out done. Life can be terribly distracting – be it our cell phones, our pets, our children, whatever. The gym alleviates many of these distractions, I find.
There is more variety than shepherd’s pie.

There is so much to do at my gym in Dundrum that I hardly ever get bored. One day I’ll take a power-lifting class set to inspirational music. Another day, I’ll run 5 miles on the treadmill and do a little bit of free weights. Aside from that, I can cycle, swim, climb stairs or run through a boot camp obstacle course. Sometimes I feel like I’m not achieving enough, so I meet with a personal trainer to do some goal-setting, get some pointers on my strategy and learn new techniques to turbo-charge my work-outs.


Well, there you have it: I love my gym in Dundrum. Maybe I’m one of those nutty naturals… or maybe we are more alike than you realize.